Professional High Reach Gutter Clearing

Comprehensive, low cost, non intrusive and safe gutter clearance service

Even the most difficult gutters cleared using our high reach vacuum system and remote cameras.

SmartProp Queenstown is a specialist gutter clearing company. Using the latest gutter vacuum systems and remote cameras we can inspect and clear gutters up to three storeys and from the ground. Photographic evidence highlights any areas of concern with the gutter, associated pipework and or roofs (where required). In this way any safety issues including our costs are kept to a minimum. Where possible we avoid the need for ladders, scaffold and or powered access equipment.


  • 1. Fast & Non-Intrusive

    our service is completely external and does not require us to enter your home. All we ask is free access around a property.

  • 2. All types of gutters

    From modern plastic moulded systems to cast iron, pressed and formed steel gutters as well as smaller conservatory and greenhouse ducting can be cleared

  • 3. No Ladders or scaffolding required.

    The system uses a high tech wet and dry vacuuming process operated from the ground. There are no extended set up times for access and no height working health and safety issues. Using CCTV cameras we constantly monitor what we are doing.

  • 4. Easy Access to hard to reach areas

    A key benefit of our ground based system, over and above safety, is that we can clean gutters in difficult access areas where ladders cannot reach (our equipment extends comfortably to three storeys)