Professional Window Cleaning services we provide

Are you ready to enjoy the magnificent views of Queenstown? We offer a high end professional window cleaning service that uses totally environmentally-friendly purified water to clean all your windows. We use a high reach waterfed pole system to enable the cleaning of those hard to reach higher or inaccessible windows. Some of these windows may never have been cleaned since the property was constructed!!


Our system is very efficient, cleaning the window quickly and thoroughly, leaving no streaking and also ensuring your window stay cleaner for longer due to the not using any detergent. This also means we will not be leaching chemicals into the ground, preserving the surroundings. Our window cleaning is provided by our sister company SmartPure (, have a look at the system in detail there.

How we work

  • 1. Book a Job

    Book a job directly through our client portal and this will start the process, our system will acknowledge receipt and get the ball rolling.

  • 2. Job Evaluation

    Once in our system, your job will be registered and we will then schedule a site visit to ascertain the job requirements.

  • 3. Quote & Confirm

    We can now prepare a quote and accept the job through our scheduling system. This will then create a work order for your job and schedule an appropriate time for service delivery.

  • 4. On Site

    We will deploy our staff to your property to fulfil the job. We endeavour to get the job done as soon as possible with minimal fuss. A detailed record of all work carried is created and stored on our system, with details forwarded to the client.

  • 5. Sign Off and Thank You

    The job is completed as per quote and any other requirements. Invoices etc are then automatically generated and the job is finalised. Thanks for using SmartProp!